2021 Digital Health Executive of the Year: Joshua Liu

Joshua Liu, Founder & CEO – Co-Founder, SeamlessMD

It has been incredible to witness and support Joshua’s growth from a graduating medical student with limited operational experience, into the co-founder/CEO of one of Canada’s most important Digital Health companies. Personally, I have come to find Joshua to be an intelligent, compassionate, and self-driven leader whose biggest impacts on Digital Health and patient care are still yet to come.

Over the past eight years, Joshua’s leadership as a Digital Health Executive paved the way for the adoption of Digital Patient Engagement and Remote Monitoring Platforms across Canada. Organizations such as Sunnybrook, St. Michael’s, Montreal Heart Institute, William Osler, Thunder Bay Regional, Health Sciences North Sudbury, Mount Sinai, Sault Area Hospital and many others have not only used SeamlessMD to elevate the patient experience, but dramatically improve their health outcomes – with stunning results in reducing hospital length of stay, readmissions, ER visits and costs!

While certainly a team effort, much of this is certainly due to Joshua’s tremendous leadership as a Digital Health Executive. His genuine passion for leveraging Digital Health to improve patient care has earned him the trust of many in the healthcare community – from the many employees who have chose to join the SeamlessMD mission because they were inspired by Joshua’s story, to the many hospital administrators and front-line clinicians who have bought-in to SeamlessMD and Digital Health because of Joshua’s subject matter expertise and authentic leadership style. Joshua is a fantastic Canadian ambassador for Digital Health and I am confident this recognition will help him further his and your mission to advance Digital Health in Canada.

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