2021 Community Care Leader of the Year: Paul Young

Paul Young – Administrator for Prince County Hospital, Health PEI

Paul believes improved health outcomes, education, access, efficiencies, quality and patient safety are all achievable through strategic digital health delivery models.

As the pandemic began, Paul strongly advocated for the advancement of his three digital health projects to continue given the potential benefits to the patients and improvement health outcomes. Paul lead the implementation of a virtual hospital model (June 2020) for the Health Authority as well as a Virtual Reality program (July 2020) to combat social isolation in his region (2 hospital and 2 LTC homes). The Virtual Hospital model utilized RPM equipment through a novel approach connecting his hospital team with a cohort of patients – senior, frail, marginalized and high system users. The program model was to enhance clinical decision making, client/patient education and improve their outcomes and overall quality of life. The program was funded through a national grant received by CABHI and resulted in an incredible system improvement – 59% decreased in ED visits, 49% decrease in primary care visits, and a 60% in hospital admissions.

The program also saw a 92% satisfaction rating and a 89% rating in improved understanding of the patient’s condition by themselves or their care providers. The program is currently being rolled out across the province. The virtual reality program was critically important when all visitation and activities came to a stop, the virtual reality program allowed our staff help connect residents with one another through meaningful experiences creating social connections and decreasing social isolation. The program launched was a first of its kind in North America and is also being rolled out across the Province.

Paul also designed and led the development and implementation of a novel virtual care unaffiliated post discharge clinic (Dec 2020) was selected as 1 of 7 members on the Provincial virtual care task force (June 2020) and developed the business case for an unaffiliated virtual care model currently being rolled our across the Province.

Through his vision and inspiring degree of commitment to address the root cause of issues with access to care facing Canadians, Paul provided the leadership, the vision and determination to pioneer and advance numerous prominent and successful new digital health models of care that have significantly and positively impacted the community where I work and live. Paul has been a champion and innovative leader with digital health working to improve patient care outcomes and service stability. It has been a pleasure having had the opportunity to work with and alongside this digital pioneer and inspiring leader who continues to enhance the very fabri cof our health care system.

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