Women Leaders in Digital Health: Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie

Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie, President, CEO and co-founder of Strongest Families Institute (SFI)

As SFI President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lingley-Pottie is the driving force behind SFI’s phenomenal success—clinically, academically and operationally. She provides oversight and management on all aspects of the institute, including business development and acquisition, financial control, clinical supervision, quality service control and employee hiring, training, scheduling and supervision. She is dedicated to advancing the digital health agenda; increasing the sustainability of SFI’s financial well-being and improving the quality of life of all Canadians.

The stability, growth and sustainability of this organization is a result of her dedication and outstanding leadership of this organization. She has leveraged innovation and technology to deliver distance-based mental health services for children and families in Canada. She provides direct mentorship to the SFI women leaders, many of whom have advanced their careers through her leadership within SFI. Moreover, Dr. Pottie has mentored many staff who have pursued further education to become doctors, nurses, lawyers, and/or those she supported as they obtained their Master or PhD degrees.

I have had the pleasure to work with Patricia in her role as President and CEO of Strongest Families Institute over the past ten years and have witnessed her outstanding leadership of this organization. I have been impressed by the tremendous impact she has made through leveraging innovation and technology to deliver distance-based mental health services for children and families in Canada. The results of her work speak for themselves, including the tremendous growth in the number of Canadian families helped in the past five years. This also includes her work with military families and Indigenous populations. The model she has created bridges the geographical divide for marginalized populations bringing improved access to care for many more families. – Louise Bradley, C.M, MS, RN, CHEPresident and Chief Executive OfficerMental Health Commission of Canada

Dr. Lingley-Pottie’s enthusiasm and ability to re-imagine the future plays a crucial role in inspiring others and leading the way to improvements and new innovations within Strongest Families Institute.

Congratulations on being voted one of the 2020 Women Leaders in Digital Health, Dr. Patricia Lingley-Pottie!

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