UpOnDIGITAL: The Update on Ontario Digital Health

The UpOnDIGITAL annual conference brings public sector leaders together to explore themes of importance to Ontario patients, caregivers, and digital health professionals. Building on last year’s theme (Innovation in Ontario), this UpOnDIGITAL 2018 will explore Innovation in Procurement, featuring presentations and discussions about how new approaches to procurement can enable the spread and scale of digital solutions. Ontario is shifting to value-based procurement, and the focus of the day will be on how the new tools and processes being developed can facilitate the adoption of solutions (digital and others) that improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

This one-day conference took place in Toronto on March 26, 2018. Attendance counts toward earn six CEU credits for credential maintenance.

Sessions and Panels

Keynote: Healthcare Procurement in Ontario: The Evolving Landscape by Sarah Friesen, President, Friesen Concepts. Introduction by Mark Casselman Chief Executive Officer, Digital Health Canada.
Procurement in healthcare has evolved substantially over the last 20 years, with an increasing focus on achieving value for money. In Ontario, significant process efficiencies and spend savings have been realized. Now we are shifting to the next level as healthcare organizations adopt value based approaches to procurement, using innovation procurement as an enabler to drive value across the healthcare system.

Ontario Health Innovation Council (OCHIS): Value-Based Innovation Framework – A New Way of Doing Business with Bill Charnetski, Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario Introduction by Sime Pavlovic Chief Innovation Officer, Niagara Health.
Bill Charnetski will provide an overview of the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS) and the challenge of the health innovation imperative we face in Ontario. He will speak about how OCHIS is supporting and driving the shift to valuebased care – a key enabler to health innovation adoption and diffusion. This shift has allowed the office to take a new approach through a new value-based innovation framework. This framework encompasses all OCHIS activities and services delivering on our purpose statement objectives of improving patient outcomes, optimizing impact of investment in health innovation and scaling health innovation companies. It is a new way of doing business in Ontario’s health system. Although we are making progress towards value-based care and value-based procurement, there is still much we must do as a province to get to where others around the world are in this area.

Procurement: Evolving from Focusing on Lowest Price to Enabling Value-Based Healthcare with Brian Lewis CEO, MEDEC. Introduction by John Sinclair President, Novari Health
Brian Lewis will discuss opportunities for procurement to act as an enabler to Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC). As health care systems explore the move to VBHC, consideration needs to be given to outcomes that matter to patients, value for money and total cost of care when they are making purchasing decisions. Key discussion points include: • Current purchasing decision making processes • Making sense of the language describing VBHC • Evolving purchasing processes to enable VBHC – what are the current barriers and enablers in Canada? • What can industry do to prepare themselves to leverage VBHC

ITAC Health’s Advocacy Journey for Innovative and Pragmatic Procurement Practices with Susan Anderson, Managing Director, Orion Health ITAC Health Procurement Taskforce and Catherine Hunter, Partner, PwC ITAC Health Procurement Taskforce, Introduction by Glenn Lanteigne President and CEO, Tectonic Advisory Services.

Innovation Partnership: Procurement by Co-Design with Hyun-Duck McKay, Design Manager, Procurement by Co-Design, MaRS. Introduction by Ted Scott Chief Innovation Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences
MaRS  Discovery District is piloting a novel innovation procurement approach that enables healthcare providers and technology vendors to collaborate and co-create outcome-based solutions to pressing challenges. We will provide an overview of the approach, process, program elements and outcomes of the first cohort, and status of second cohort projects. The second half of the session will invite participants to prototype alternative models of innovation partnership based on our experience as well as their unique perspective on the topic.

Innovation in Procurement with Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD. Introduction by Sime Pavlovic Chief Innovation Officer, Niagara Health.
Translating innovationto clinical use across the province –views on what is working now and what is needed for success. OntarioMD will draw on its unique experience in working with over 15,000 community based clinicians on how to enable the spread, scale and adoption of digital solutions.

Continuing to Build Capacity in Innovation Procurement with Jennifer Moles Manager, Innovation Procurement, Ontario Centres of Excellence and Dr. Tania Massa, Director, Innovation Procurement, Ontario Centres of Excellence. Introduction by Amos Adler Founder, MEMOTEXT.
A description of the OCE network and business development engagement model with information on the continuum of Innovation Procurement programs administered by OCE on behalf of Ontario government. How OCE works with the public sector plus project examples and outcomes from Ontario’s Innovation Procurement programs.

Scaling Virtual Solutions Through Provincial VORs with Dr. Ed Brown CEO, Ontario Telemedicine Network. Introduction by Joanne Templeton Senior Managing Partner, Canada/East Division.
There are many promising virtual solutions, geared to patients and healthcare providers, that can help us standardize and positively influence clinical outcomes and quality of life. The challenge is making sense of the available options, being certain of their effectiveness, identifying the funding models and procuring them in a timely way, while not creating a system full of non-aligning tools. By way of its Innovation Centre, OTN makes available provincial vendors of record (VORs) in key clinical areas, such as surgical transitions, mood and anxiety, and addictions, and works with its partners to spread and scale them. With the LHINs as VOR participants, healthcare organizations can more quickly gain access to vendors and solutions validated for their technical requirements, as well as clinical and business outcomes. OTN CEO Dr. Ed Brown will speak to the benefits of this offering of solutions curated specifically to meet Ontario’s needs, as well as how this streamlined and cost-effective approach supports spread and scale and promotes health system equity.

Perspectives from an Innovation Broker with Peter Robertson, Business Advisor, Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario. Introduction by Ted Scott Chief Innovation Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences.
Peter Robertson will provide a perspective from his own personal experiences and most recently from Council of Academic Hospitals experiences and most recently from Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO), as one of the innovation brokers for the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS). Peter will discuss lessons learned and success stories from the program, citing specific examples of innovations that have been procured, as well as how procurement has become more innovative in the Province of Ontario as a result of the program.

Common Sense, But Not Common Practice: Innovative Procurement Approaches with Graeme Foster, Managing Partner and Healthcare Practice Lead, GEF Consulting Inc. Introduction by Ted Scott Chief Innovation Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences
Graeme Foster will provide a perspective from both his own personal experiences and GEF’s strategic procurement advisory practice on lessons learned from the consulting trenches. Furthermore, Graeme will discuss some alternative procurement approaches. He will also discuss areas of concern that transcend any one approach which require the attention of the industry itself.

Closing Panel: Shared Service Organizations with Tony DiEmanuele, President and CEO, Mohawk Shared Services; Dov Klein, Director, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Plexxus; and Dale Wernham, Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Healthcare Materials Management Services. Moderated by by Glenn Lanteigne President and CEO, Tectonic Advisory Services.
The Panel will provide a year in review of the transformation that has occurring in the Shared Services world in the province of Ontario. The panel will draw on their own personal experiences as well as lessons learned. The panel will discuss how they are becoming more innovative in the process, as well as the approach to supporting innovation for their own organization and the clients they serve. Finally, the panel will then engage with the audience to create an engaging dialogue and take input as they move forward into 2018 and beyond.

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