The value of virtual events

As part of our mission to connect, inspire and educate Canadian digital health professionals, Digital Health Canada hosts a ton of events. Last year more than 2,500 people gathered at Digital Health Canada Conferences, MeetUps, and Breakfast events in Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

With physical distancing requirements keeping many digital health professionals from meeting in person, Digital Health Canada is working on alternative ways to keep connecting and inspiring our members as they work to deliver healthcare to Canadians in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. Members are still coming up with great ideas, experiencing unique challenges, and hearing moving stories from the front lines of healthcare; connecting with one another and sharing information is more important than ever.

Yesterday afternoon, leaders and members from the Alberta Chapter got together online for 45 minutes of networking and conversation at Digital Health Canada’s first Virtual LinkUp. Moderated by Alberta Chapter Chair Kevin Jones (VP, Strata Health), the video-based meeting brought together a mix of professionals from the Calgary area for a discussion that included updates from members on innovative practices they have implemented over the past few weeks and thoughts on what the near-term future might hold… with a pleasant undercurrent of community support and a even few laughs.

“I think some key words that came out of yesterday’s event are: connected, energized, and sharing,” said Vanessa Wilson, Digital Health Canada’s Director, Conferences and Events. “It’s also apparent that this is becoming the norm. This is how people are meeting and gathering now.”

Plans for regular Digital Health Canada virtual events are underway, with small, moderated groups, light structure, opportunities for meeting new people, and themed discussions based on topics of key importance to Canadian digital health professionals. Our community is stronger together. Until we meet again in person, let’s keep connecting online.

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