New Futures in Digital Health program offers innovative solution to digital health talent shortage

Futures in Digital Health custom education program prepares newcomers to make an impact in the growing Canadian digital health industry

Digital Health Canada and the Centre for Education and Training (TCET) have partnered to deliver a custom education program that provides education and resources for new Canadians with healthcare, information management, or information technology experience.

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Futures in Digital Health program provides one-on-one employment planning and support, networking, job shadowing, informational interview opportunities, and sector-specific information and resources.

“TCET is pleased to be partnering with Digital Health Canada to provide the Futures in Digital Health program,” said Moya MacKinnon, Senior Director, Employment & Newcomer Services, TCET. “Newcomers who are internationally trained in healthcare or information technology are looking at alternative careers that can allow them to enter into the job market sooner.”

This initiative will enable 60 new Canadians (separated into five classes of 12 people) to receive custom Digital Health Canada Core HI Education along with soft skills training from TCET. Eligible students are professionals seeking alternative careers in HI; each must have a post-secondary degree in IT or healthcare and a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7 or higher.

“What’s impressive is that this cohort of participants in the Futures in Digital Health program includes dentists, physicians, molecular geneticists, IT support specialists, IT recovery technicians and more,” said Mark Casselman, CEO, Digital Health Canada. “Combining this wealth of existing experience with the Canadian digital health knowledge included in our Core Health Informatics Education course is an excellent step on the journey to a career in digital health.”

Digital Health Canada Core Health Informatics Education is presented in two modules per week from 9am – 12:30pm, over a three-week period (first course started October 23, 2018). Each module typically takes 3.5 hours to allow for instruction, questions, and discussion. Six key modules from Digital Health Canada’s existing Core HI Education curriculum have been selected for inclusion in the Futures in Digital Health curriculum, including:

  • The Canadian Healthcare System
  • Clinical and Health Services
  • Information Management, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Information Technology, System Requirements and Analysis
  • Systems Design, Selection and Procurement; Project Management; Implementation, Support and Maintenance
  • Privacy and Security; System Testing and Evaluation.

The modules are taught by Digital Health Canada volunteer Faculty Members with real-world management and consulting experience in healthcare delivery, information technology and management, and digital health. Faculty Members work closely with participants to deliver course content and provide a thorough understanding of the Canadian healthcare system.

“This program will positively impact the lives of newcomers to Canada by furthering their education and assisting them to find viable and sustainable employment in the health informatics field,” said Ms. MacKinnon. “Through the partnership with Digital Health Canada, newcomer clients will realize their full potential as health informatics and digital health professionals.”

Digital Health Canada connects, inspires, and educates the digital health professionals creating the future of health in Canada. Our 2500+ members are a diverse community of accomplished, influential professionals working to make a difference in advancing healthcare through information technology. Digital Health Canada fosters network growth and connection; brings together ideas from multiple segments for incubation and advocacy; supports members through professional development at the individual and organizational level; and advocates for the Canadian digital health industry.

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Education Manager
Digital Health Canada
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Project Manager, Digital Health Careers
The Centre for Education and Training
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