My e-Spin on the e-Health Conference: Winning Deal of Fortune

By Gurprit Randhawa, BSc, MSc, PhD(c) Health Informatics

Gurprit is a Program Coordinator for a provincial quality improvement program at Island Health in Victoria, BC. She is also a Health Informatics Instructor at McMaster University and the 2016 Steven Huesing Scholarship recipient.

Can I buy a vowel to spell “wow”? Actually, I would most definitely need to buy all of the vowels to describe my exceptional experience at the e-Health 2016 Conference in Vancouver, BC from June 5-8, 2016. My conference experience was no less than being a bonus round winner on the Wheel of Fortune. For full effect, please imagine Vanna White turning each of the letters below.

A: Awe-Inspiring
Throughout the conference, I was struck by the enthusiastic passion to advance health informatics (HI) that was demonstrated by delegates, volunteers, speakers and Digital Health Canada staff; I am deeply grateful for their infectious and inspiring energy. My interactions with these individuals truly reinforced the theme of the conference: Reimagining Healthcare Delivery in Canada. As a result, I have a renewed vision for the role we all play as health informaticians in redesigning the Canadian healthcare system.

E: Enjoyable
e-Health Fun RunFrom the Welcome Reception to the e-Health Fun Run, and various networking mixers, Canadian Health Informatics Awards Gala and after parties, I enjoyed all the good company, food and fun tremendously. Without a doubt, the photo contest at the Digital Health Canada booth and various exhibitor games (with prizes) were entertaining additions to the conference. I am afraid the memory of colleagues disco dancing at the Blues night may be forever etched in my mind!

I: Intellectually-Stimulating
With 122 concurrent sessions, 61 e-posters, 12 panel discussions and six plenary sessions, there was definitely no shortage of intellectual stimulation at the conference. In fact, I was constantly in a HI “knowledge wonderland.” The great variety of topics covered allowed me to customize my learning plan to my professional, academic and research needs. Moreover, my discoveries from the conference have further informed and fuelled my current and future projects. The conference provided the perfect environment for planting and fostering the intellectual seeds of innovation in the minds of HI professionals.

e-Health 2016O: Oceanic
Attending the conference at the Vancouver Convention CentreSweeping mountains, ocean views and beautiful beaches – what more could one ask for in a conference location? Attending the conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre was a sure treat. Having 30 degree weather in early June was also an unexpected and unforgettable surprise.

U: Us
The highly supportive environment of the e-Health conference truly brought everyone together as one big HI family. I strongly felt the conference was about “us,” our needs, and how “we” plan to work together closely to build our reimagined future. Now is our moment – I am eager to seize it with my other HI family members. As the saying goes, “Make hay while the sun shines.”

e-Health 2016 Photo Gallery
e-Health 2017e-Health 2016e-Health 2017: To stay up-to-date with plans for next year’s conference, sign up for email through the “Newsletter” link on the e-Health site. Circle June 4 -7, 2017 for e-Health 2017 in Toronto and watch for the call for presenters – abstracts will be invited this fall!

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