December 13, 2022

Apply to join: AI Community Advisory Board

WRITTEN BY Digital Health Canada

Are you interested in guiding and supporting new research about artificial intelligence and its uses in public health? We want to know what is important to you.

We are forming a Community Advisory Board (CAB) of people who will work with us to develop, implement and evaluate a new health research training program.

The CAB will meet regularly to give feedback and make decisions about different parts of the training program. Feedback may be a simple, “yes” or “no”, but sometimes the feedback will be more complex. You may be asked to consider issues from multiple angles.

CAB members will bring their skills and experience as well as their time and enthusiasm to work with us and our trainees to ensure we produce researchers that are responsive to the needs of communities.

We are seeking a diverse group of people from across Canada. We encourage applications from all age groups and equity seeking groups including those who identify as IBPOC, 2SLGBTQ+ as well as those from different parts of Canada.

The CAB will:

  • Review processes for choosing trainees
  • Advise trainees on their research projects

We are looking for individuals who are:

  • Enthusiastic about working in a virtual team, meeting several times a year
  • Committed to mentoring, training, or education in health care environments
  • Willing to share lived experiences to improve health research and its applications

You do not need to know about the technical aspects of artificial intelligence to join the CAB.

  • CAB members will receive CA$150 honorarium for being involved for one year.
  • We are flexible around your responsibilities and needs.

Applications close February 1, 2023.