Virtual Care Community of Action

  • Consolidated healthcare access in a virtual setting nationwide.
  • Understand the difference between Telehealth and Virtual care is the key to defining Virtual Care.
  • Interaction between Patient and Health Care provider in a virtual setting.  Inclusive of clinic, pharmacy, laboratory etc.
  • Understand the levels of virtual care. Two major categories to consider when understanding virtual care and it’s ‘umbrella’ are Digital (real time evaluation of a patient i.e. e-consultation, video interaction live with a patient) and Data (medical record or historical background of a patient ie. EMR/EHR records in a patient portal accessible to patient and clinician)

Current Challenges:

  1. Billing (how are clinicians paid for their service via virtual setting?)
  2. Time commitment (How to integrate into healthcare professionals culture? How to learn and adapt to a new technology platform? What does training look like? What kind of software can we find that is user friendly for both clinician and patient?)
  3. Safety of confidential information
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Coordination
  6. Software incompatibility
  7. Patient to clinician connection

Cross-referenced report on current virtual care initiatives in each jurisdiction. Determine best practices and current technology-enabled solutions used.

Plan of action
  1. Assess current public healthcare initiatives.
  2. Analyze data from existing private virtual clinics to assess the true patient experience, the software used, and the efficiency of integrating in to the healthcare system.
  3. Gain more high-level insight from the government to conduct proper analysis for a holistic and true understanding of virtual care in Canada.
  4. Review private virtual care clinics to assess the patient and clinician experience (data analysis).
  5. Demonstrate efficacy and satisfaction of patients.
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