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Digital Health Canada Annual Report 2016-2017

Download the Digital Health Canada Annual Report 2016-2017 and read the Board President and Chief Executive Officer’s reflections on Digital Health Canada and the digital health industry in 2016-2017. Also contains a Year in Review, reports from the Board Development Committee and Secretary-Treasurer, as well as Financial Statements.



Digital Health Canada Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Discover where Digital Health Canada is headed in the next three years, and what it will mean for you as a member. Includes Digital Health Canada Mission, Vision, and Values; Three Key Components; and Five Strategic Objectives.



2016 Digital Health Leadership Survey Report

In April 2016 the inaugural National Digital Health Leadership Survey was launched. As outlined in this report, the survey results provide a ‘snapshot’ of experiences and opinions of senior health informatics (HI) professionals regarding the use of information management/information technology (IM/IT) in their organizations. These digital health leaders describe the factors impacting their IM/IT world, how they are responding to challenges strategically and operationally and what they are working to achieve, now and in the future. The report paints a clear picture of the current state of Canadian digital health and will inform a national dialogue on healthcare transformation.



Public Perspectives: Digital Health 2017

Results of a 2017 Ipsos Reid poll on Canadian public opinion on digital health, including electronic health records, wearables, and implants.



Digital Health Canada Education Budget and Benefits Form

Get budget approval for a Digital Health Canada Education expense by presenting clear reasons for investing in HI professional development. Complete this form and submit with your request for education expense approval. Download Budget + Benefits Form


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