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A Community of Action (CoA) brings like-minded Digital Health Canada Members together to produce a deliverable on any HI or digital health topic in which they share an interest. The plan is simple:

Step One: The Idea

A Digital Health Canada Member has an idea or topic they would like to research, expand upon, explore, or write about.

Step Two: The Group

The Digital Health Canada Coordinator assesses the idea and what resources may be needed to for a Community of Action (CoA). A Leader is assigned. Volunteers may be recruited, or the Community of Action may be filled with people chosen by the CoA Leader

Step Three: The Work

The shelf life of a CoA should be short: experience tells us that the shorter the timeframe, the more productive the group. Each CoA will have assigned roles, clear deliverables, and a virtual meeting schedule that works for the team.

Step Four: The Product

This is the important part: the end-goal of every CoA is to produce something. The final product will enable the group to share what they’ve learned, and hopefully, enhance the understanding of HI or shine a light on a neglected corner of the digital health world. It might be as simple as an infographic or a few slides, or as in-depth as a white paper or report. The group can decide. But it’s crucial that group findings are shared with the Digital Health Canada community – and beyond.


Operating as a community of equals with Leaders, Coordinators, and Contributors, CoA participants exchange ideas and information, enhance their understanding of a particular HI subject and seek answers to specific questions.The advantage of a CoA community is the ability to connect people of different levels, from different cities, across multiple sectors, all working toward a common goal for a brief period of time.

Leading a CoA is a great way to get a fresh perspective on a stale problem, or find a creative solution to a challenge.  Joining a CoA will introduce you to new colleagues, expand your career horizons, and add a publication to your resume. See existing Communities of Action.



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COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association is now Digital Health Canada. Our name has changed but our member services and our website navigation remains the same. Welcome!